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Internet of Things Smart Space Research Team (IoT-s2o)

Experimental S2O Spaces (2015-)

This project is currently under construction. More information and videos will follow once we have running prototypes that demonstrate a wider range of the technology.

Smart Space Orchestration, the control of Smart Devices via software, is my research domain. For instructing students and for faster prototyping of Smart Space Apps, I am currently creating some model spaces with automation technology. As always I am not implementing the idea on my own, but I am supported by the people listed at the bottom.

Overview on the S2O Experimentation Spaces.
Overview on the S2O Experimentation Spaces.

The original ideas comes from my friends Malte Burkert and Heiko Krumm at Technische Universität Dortmund. They built a multi-storey model house. I modified the idea a bit to have smaller, better transportable, yet pluggable modules. I also decided to have theme modules which already contain equipment for certain scenarios.

The functionality that is currently being included into the theme modules comprises:

  • Automated shutters
  • Heating and cooling
  • Lights
  • Automated doors (including locking)
  • Authentication via RFID
  • Light sensors
  • Temperature sensors

Living Room as S2O Experimentation Spaces.
Living Room as S2O Experimentation Spaces.

At the moment, two team modules are getting built:

  • A living room.
  • A bed room.

More themes are planned to allow experimenting with Smart Space Orchestration in different environments.

Master's Room as S2O Experimentation Spaces.
Master's Room as S2O Experimentation Spaces.

For remote controlling the hardware, we are including Intel Galileo and Arduino boards. They will act as Smart Devices.

I plan to include the experimental S2O spaces into my regular teaching curriculum. I am looking forward to seeing the students having fun :)

With the Experimental S2O Spaces implementation at Technische Universität München I am supported by:

  • Hardware creation and assembly
    • Martin Meir (RBG): electrical installations
    • Richard Haensch (RBG): box assembly, installations
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