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Internet of Things Smart Space Research Team (IoT-s2o)


Participating students: Andre Freitag, Andreas Hubel.

When I was a student I had the opportunity that once one of my advisors could not make it and my talk was recorded. Watching the video later was a very impressive and direct feedback channel. Seeing what people tell one would do makes a strong difference to just hearing and possibly not believing it.

Therefore I wanted to share this opportunity with students at the Technische Universität München.

In 2008 I started the project to create a system for recording and multiplexing a screencast of the slides with an HD record of the speaker. The backend is operating since 2009.

The landing page of the media portal.

Since 2012 we also have a very nice frontend that is directly integrated with the DFN authentication provider for user authentication.

We regularly visit student's presentations and process them semi-automatically to finally publish them on the portal.

The system operates in multiple stages:

  • The system is automatically parsing our announcement feed to create folders and meta data on the backend server.
  • After recording with a screencast software and an HD camcorder the files are copied in the folders on the backend server.
  • The backend produces low quality videos for faster manual cutting and synchronizing.
  • After the synchronization the system automatically processes the HD videos according to the cutting information on the low quality videos.
  • The talk is automatically published to the frontend together with meta data like abstract, slides PDF, or documents belonging to the talk.
  • The speaker automatically gets an email with tokens that allow him to choose the visibility of his video which is only visible for himself by default.
  • On the frontend it is possible to search for videos, rate videos, ask for permission to watch restricted videos, watch videos one can see without or after login, etc.

The overview page to the cloud computing summer school 2011.

Have a look at the portal at
You can find a publicly visit talk series here.

The detail page of a video.

More documentation and the scripts will follow soon (planned: end 2013).

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